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Friday, 08 Jun, 2007
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By Ben Elton
Directed By James Calvert

08 Jun. 07 - 24 Jun. 07

Mellow Drama’s production of Ben Elton’s Gasping was performed over three weekends at St James Cavalier in Valletta. It starred Alan Montanaro, Edward Mercieca, Julia Calvert, John Montanaro and Sarah Zammit. Gasping tells the story of a multi-national corporation who find a way to sell air. It is a tale of greed and corporate insanity told in typically robust and eloquent Ben Elton style. At first the sale of air is little more than a novelty until it gets out of hand and people start dying as a result of the suck and blow machines that are capturing air from poor countries. This hilarious but moving play was directed by James Calvert.


Alan Montanaro
Alan Montanaro -

Alan Montanaro’s has been wooing theatre-goes of all ages for many years. He is currently principal of the internationally acclaimed Helen O’Grady Academy in Malta. Alan’s theatrical cocktail is varied and colourful. His debut at the Manoel Theatre was in What the Butler Saw, followed by Run For Your Wife and Deadly Nightcap. He has also had various roles in musical from Fiddler on the Roof to Anything Goes and, more recently, Company. Alan’s panto characters have earned him the nickname ‘Pantonaro’, and his portrayal of comic arch-villain Captain Hook in Peter Pan is well-loved. His panto dames have become immortal - Morlitia in Alison Wonderland, Zeza in Sinbad the Sailor and Ziggy Zaggy in Snow White. Alan has also written numerous pantos and was the brains behind Four Play and More Four Play which played to packed houses at the Manoel. Alan has starred in two Mellow Drama productions – Gasping and The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged).

Edward Mercieca
Edward Mercieca -

Better known for his huge panto dames, Edward has been involved in very different genres of theatre and theatre styles from Shakespeare to Panto and from musical theatre to straight drama. Roles include Sid Skinner in Ben Elton’s Silly Cow, Spriggs in Theft, Bottom in A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Robert in Pinter’s Betrayal, Billis in South Pacific, Howard in Fat Men in Skirts and, for FM Theatre Productions, Eric in the 60s musical A Slice of Saturday Night, Billy Flynn in Chicago and Charlie Conlon in Stones in His Pockets. He also performed various roles in Theatre Anon’s Agamemnon, The Landlord in Jim Cartwright’s Two for Unifaun Productions, as Barry in Dumb Show, and Ross in The Goat, both Masquerade productions. Edward also played the villain, Captain Horatio P. Hogwash in a UK national tour of the Panto Company’s Robinson Crusoe and Hades in Hercules last Christmas for MADC. Recent film roles include King Atreus in the USA Network TV series Helen of Troy. Edward also runs Stagecoach Theatre Arts Schools in Malta together with his wife and partner Marika.

John Montanaro
John Montanaro -

John started acting at the age of 16 when he took part in a production of the play whose name we cannot mention (just in case). Next up was a small part in HMS Pinafore where he met Pia who introduced him to the world of MADC. Since then John has never looked back, taking part in many one-acts, pantos, musicals and farces at a wide variety of venues. He also enjoyed an entertaining stint as Gabriel in the television series Angli. His recent shows for Mellow Drama include Kissing Sid James, An Evening with Gary Lineker, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged), Unoriginal Sin, All the Great Books (abridged) and Gasping. Throughout his acting career, John has always enjoyed making people laugh and that is why he jumped at the chance to be a co-founder of Mellow Drama.

Julia Calvert
Julia Calvert -

Julia has always enjoyed acting and, from an early age showed signs of her future calling when locking her grandparents in a room and forcing them to watch her perform. She took this evident enthusiasm and fine tuned it in England where she studied theatre. Her roles on stage, both in the UK and Malta, have seen her tackle a huge variety of different types of theatre because, as she says, it’s always nice to try out different things. She proves this with her jump from the thespian stage with leading roles in Othello and Tempest to her dive into the more somber world of Six Character in Search of an Author and Medea. However, her love for comedy overrides all and she feels in her true element when on stage providing the audience with a good laugh. From Perfect Wedding to An Evening with Gary Lineker and from Kissing Sid James to The 39 Steps, Julia is most at home when bringing smiles to people’s faces.

Sarah Zammit
Sarah Zammit -

After being dragged to many musicals and even more pantos as a child, Sarah dreamed that one day she too would be part of the magical world of theatre. With admiral determination she set about making her dream a reality and participated in every possible school production until she eventually landed her first ‘real’ role as chorus in Humpty Dumpty. Several pantos later – after loving every second of them – she finally got a main part playing Maid Marian in Robin Hood which was swiftly followed by a role as Rosey Red in Ali Baba and the Fourteen Thieves. Sarah has also taken part in the musical Dracula Spectacular, The Coarse Acting Show and won the Best Actress Award in MADC’s one act play festival.  Her first production with Mellow Drama is Gasping.